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Introduction: There is hardly a possibility for a business venture to survive without digital marketing. This has brought new dimension in the field of marketing as it delivers quick result and makes it easy to reach to the targeted audience which in turns yield to encouraging results. At the same time the Digital Marketing companies are in a competitive market so the costing for the task is vital. In any business two significant costs are involved; Capital cost and running cost.

The running Cost Reduction in Digital Marketing and Increase Conversion is to be kept judicious without making a compromise on the service quality. The possibility of high revenue generation is in two ways; one by keeping the profit margin high and second by reducing operational cost and thus offering economical quality services and fetching high volumes. The competition in the market makes one to survive adopting second method although the ways to reduce capital cost is equally important. The human resource cost is one prime component of running cost.

Budget, ROI and Strategy

It is important to make a budget and then calculating the Return on Investment made on Digital marketing. It is a tested fact that a paid ads campaign on social media delivers better results. So, optimization for running paid campaign which definitely be leading to higher ROI but up to an optimized investment so for digital marketing to yield good results the selection of paid campaign investment is to done with utmost care.


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