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Save Tomorrow Foundation came in existence in the year 2021 as the previous two years the mankind on the planet had to face two lockdowns. During the lock down so many of us lost our jobs and the business activities were dented beyond imagination. The families who lost their bread earners are still struggling for their survival.

Mr. Navneet Singh and Mrs. Renu Devi initiated the process to establish a foundation to support the people and animals to keep the ecological balance maintained. Their vision and concern for the deprived segment of the society which suffered a lot during pandemic was the idea behind the formation of Save Tomorrow Foundation. The Foundation is working to provide food, financial support as well as taking care of health of the human and animal both. The foundation provides the food @ 1 rupee per person.

Every organization requires human resource, working capital and infrastructure to operate efficiently and professionally. Save Tomorrow Foundation welcome the donors and volunteers to be a part of this noble cause. All the donations are eligible for Income Tax Exemptions as per Govt. policy.

We provide food and supports in case of medical assistance to the needy people and animals. We have a future vision to support for educating the economically weaker family’s deserving kids by collaborating with schools. We also support the dedicated and enthusiastic youth from economically weaker section to establish their small business with due fund arrangements.







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The God has made everybody with different capabilities and in order to maintain a harmony in the society each one is supposed to support others. Even government has a provision for tax exemptions on the donation so that the capable ones must donate for social cause and the deprived ones of the society can be benefitted. The donations given to the NGOs and other trust use this fund for various social welfare schemes and run the different campaigns at some occasions. This is quite helpful to curve the crime in the society. In every religion it is recommended to donate for the social cause. Even there is provision in corporates under CSR on which they are eligible for tax exemptions. We can donate but can not do social work under certain constraints. The NGOs has the volunteers as well as the trace of needy ones who require support. So, while donating to NGOs and the registered agencies for social work we are assured that our donation is being used for right cause and the beneficiaries are the needy ones only. So, we must donate for the upliftment of society and helping people so that their needs can be taken care of and we can save them to turn out to be criminals.

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There are certain natural calamities like flood, Earth Quakes, Tsunami and Pandemics like Covid which puts us in an unimaginable state. This is the time we require the support for food and health. There is no cost to human life. The donation what we receive is used for these awkward happenings as well as in order to maintain aa ecological balance of the planet funds are needed. In order to make the kids whose parents can not afford the fee to be educated we take care of their educated and make them educated and skilled to make them survive and help the other needed one of the societies. We run the special campaigns to support the needy one and to take care of animals. We salute to the spirit of donners and volunteers to support our organization in developing a better society.

Be a pride contributor to make this planet sustainable and more beautiful.