Tax Saving

Tax Exemption on Donations:
In order to promote the contributions from charitable trusts and NGOs with public participation for social welfare Indian Government has announced certain incentives to the donors and the NGOs. Our NGO is registered under 80G and 12A of Income Tax act 1961, which is applicable to NGOs as well as the Charitable Trusts and the donors donating to such registered entities are eligible for Tax Exemptions on the donated amount as per the provisions of the act. So, the donations to our NGO are used for the social cause and the donors can get the Tax Exemption on their donated amount for which the receipt on the realization of the donated amount is provided to claim for the Tax Exemption by Save Tomorrow Foundation. On production of this receipt to the employer the donor is exempted of the tax on donated amount.

Be a pride contributor to make this planet sustainable and more beautiful.